PHHS Students Earn Credit for College Now

In the 2012-13 school year, Pleasant Hill High School students earned 1,234 credits; this is over $120,000 in free college tuition!

This was accomplished through the College Now program. Operated by Lane Community College, College Now provides both high school and college credit for students who are taking certain accelerated classes. PHHS offers College Now courses in Biology, Calculus, Pre-Calculus, English Literature, Writing and Child Development. To earn college credit, students need to complete these courses with a “C”, “B” or “A” grade. Most of these classes and a US History class are aligned for Advanced Placement (AP) credit if students take and pass a national exam.

The College Now program benefits students not just from PH, but students from throughout the county and even beyond (for detail, please see this chart). For its size, PHHS achievement is remarkable. If you divide the total number of college credits that PH students (1,234) earned by the number of students enrolled in College Now courses (80), PH students averaged 15.425 credits per student. This number is higher than every other school in the LCC College Now program.

Individual PHHS students have actually left high school with as many as 42 college credits; at the University of Oregon the cut-off for credits between being a freshman and a sophomore is 44 credits.
College credit earned is not only for LCC. Even though the credit is on an LCC transcript, those credits can be transferred to most colleges in the country.
The College Now program has been a huge success; thanks to LCC and PH students and staff!